Amy Jayne Price, Illustrator.

My practice involves exploring two distinct paths, that of the mundane, the ordinary, and also the extraordinary world of dreams and the unconscious. Seeing beyond what you’re eye beholds and getting the viewer to look more closely at objects and situations that happen everyday. Using this as my starting point I’ve explored techniques that enable me to take the viewer on a journey to see the ordinary as extraordinary, making you re-examine things more closely like a precious fossil, so you want to observe every detail.

River of Tea

My Professional Practice is all about extending my knowledge, skills and personal development. My strengths are telling stories through drawing and painting; for this project I’ve been focusing on Illustrations using Fine Art techniques and experimenting with different mediums that are sometimes out of my comfort zone. I continue developing my individual style, writing down some vivid dreams, for inspiration. Through Illustration I like to tell a story exploring my dreams to create different layers of meanings in dreamscapes. I work with hot metal casting, a mixed media palette of watercolours, inks and acrylic.

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