Tea & Coffee

Tea and Coffee

Tea is considered an everyday mundane occupation and the things that you use and consume are not really studied, but in the past it was done in a formal way in a ceremony was only available to the rich. I then decided to try to make tea special again, focusing on how to make the ordinary extraordinary.

The painting, River of Tea was linked to research on the history of tea and the importance of river transportation. I wanted it be bright and colourful in celebration of its rich history.

River of Tea

“River of Tea” (mixed media) 2012  A1 Acrylic paints to multi-coloured inks and watercolours. SOLD 18/09/14 


“River of Tea” A5 Greeting Cards £3.50

Greeting cards


Coffee Beans 1

Medium: Coloured Inks 

Coffee Beans 2



Coffee Beans 2 

Medium: Inks

Coffee Beans


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